Household goods

producent artykułów gospodarstwa domowego - AGD

Household goods useful in the household: buckets, scoops, bowls, cups and plastic cutting boards. Manufactured with attention to the customer.

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Flower pots

producent doniczek

Ornamenta and gardening pots. We manufacture 20 types of flower pots of various shapes, color and sizes with very good quality plastics

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Plastic baskets

producent łubianek Włocławek

Baskets for convenient collection and storage of products. Durable packaging can safely carry strawberries, cherries or raspberries

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Roller blinds

producent rolet wewnętrznych Włocławek

Roll Up Window Blinds. We offer a wide range of fastening mechanism blinds. Suggested widgets decorative fabrics can be any size.

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Plastic boxes

producent skrzynek plastikowych

Plastic boxes for storage of foodstuffs. Perfect for transport of vegetables, soft fruit, mushrooms or bakery products.

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Wieszaki plastikowe Włocławek

Plastic hangers are made of durable plastic. Various sizes of models clothing for jackets, with clips for skirts and trousers, and unbreakable with bar.

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